TAGI Vision and Strategy

We work hard to stay first. 

TAGI and its sister companies have focused their efforts on achieving international status. 

Our vision and strategy for the new twenty first century is to bolster TAGI's position on the international scene,  make it the pioneer of professional services around the world, and ensure that it continues to sustain leadership in that field. 

TAGI has achieved part of this vision through global recognition of being one of the few Arab-based providers  of professional services in the Arab world. 

Internal Audit

Our main objective is to assist our clients and ensuring their satisfaction through the following services: •Reviewing the reliability and ... More

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Audit is an assurance activity performed by qualified independent experts for the purpose of assessing the ethics and ... More

Risk Assessment

This service includes assisting our clients in identifying, evaluating, and managing risks and implementing compliance programs to make sure ... More

Internal Control Structure Assessment

This service includes assessing the adequacy of the internal control structure design and operating ... More

assurance services

assurance services More


Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International (TAGI) is one of the world's leading firms of certified accountants and auditors. Commitment to excellence and quality underlies its mission: to offer customers a full range of high-quality audit and accounting services.