‘Abu-Ghazaleh Global’ Opens New Showroom in Beirut to Display its Technological Products4/7/2021

BEIRUT - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) inaugurated a new showroom for Talal Abu-Ghazaleh for Technology (TAGTech) advanced technological products in Beirut,  the capital of Lebanon.

The inauguration of the new showroom crystalizes the belief of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and founder of TAG.Global, in the necessity of supporting the Lebanese national economy by providing Lebanon with the latest TAGTech devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones, in order to facilitate the purchase of modern technological devices to all segments of the  Lebanese society at competitive and affordable prices, as well as to keep pace with the process of online learning and distance work requirements. 

TAG.Global also seeks, through its different firms, to qualify communities technologically. Therefore, TAGTech products have been designed, manufactured and produced  at global specifications and competitive prices to grant everyone the opportunity to purchase such devices to help their studies, work and to develop their skills. 

TAGTech Executive Director in Lebanon, Mr. Burhan Al Ashkar, said that TAGTech is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, pointing out that TAGTech has invested intensively in establishing its first production line in China two years ago, in addition to another production facility that has recently been established in Egypt, and a third one which is currently  under construction in Madaba, Jordan. 

Al Ashkar added that TAGTech has developed and produced 15 different smart and technological devices in two years, that are available on the global and Arab markets to compete with other major global companies, noting that TAGTech devices have been approved by several Arab and international organizations for their high quality, performance and competitive prices.

TAGTech has recently announced the arrival of all technological products to the Lebanese market including 8 models of (TAGITOP) laptops and 4 models of (TAGTAB) tablets, in addition to 3 models of smartphones including (TAG Phone, TAG Phone Plus and TAG Phone Advance) to meet all needs.

All TAGTech devices are available online through: website www.tagtech.global ,with free delivery service

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