Projects and Laws

TAGLEGAL provides multiple services and disciplines for the public and private sector as well as international organizations through a team of specialized experts. Our professional staff plays a crucial role in supervising, coordinating, and implementing the required assignments. In addition to that, TAGLegal’s management team oversees time schedules, monitors all deliverables, and provides technical assistance and the adequate expertise needed. The Special and Funded Assignments Department at TAGLegal’s regional office undertakes projects through submitting offers and proposals to potential clients upon solicitation or publicly announced notices for tenders and bids.

Our services entail preparation, advisory and implementation services, they include but are not limited to:

  • Advising on Strategy and Policy, Regulation, Capacity Building
  • Executing Sector and Specialist Studies.
  • Studying Alternatives and Giving Recommendations.
  • Advising on Institutional Reform and Sector Policies.
  • Providing Best Practices and Innovative and Integrated Solutions.
  • Offering Legal Consultancy Services.
  • Drafting and Reviewing Legislations.
  • Offering Transfer of Knowledge Programs.
  • Providing Regulatory Environment Restructuring.


TAG.Global Services
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